A Guide to Finding the Right Compactor for your Application

Here are 4 factors all business owners must consider before selecting a baler or compactor for her or his operations: green compactor


Quantity of material which must be processed

All businesses process various volumes, and it’s important to evaluate how much any given equipment piece is going to be tasked with dealing with before choosing a solution. Compactors and balers are available in several sizes and may run anywhere from $1000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the expense is directly related to the amount and complexity of material the piece processes. Prior to investing, an organization must be clear about the quantity of material it will recycle and process each week and pick accordingly.


Equipment lifespan 

Durability is critical for Balers and compactors since they are under stress constantly. It’s vital to understand the lifespan of equipment prior to making a buying decision. As a business owner, it’s a good idea to get a grasp of the predicted longevity of any equipment you utilize, as well as request accurate details associated with part service and replacement intervals which might be required for maintenance.


Kind of material that is being processed 

Different compactors and balers work to condense various  kinds of materials. The nature of someone’s business and materials being recycled or disposed of will influence the equipment piece that’s proper for every company. Selecting the proper system will help an organization ship its recycling and waste more economically and decrease the necessity for pickup.


Ability to safely use the equipment  


Such heavy machinery has lots of crushing rams and moving parts that may be deadly or dangerous if incorrectly operated. Organizations should search for equipment with safety features to deal with materials in a way which ensures correct working conditions for their team. In addition, correct equipment handling should be a must to assist in preventing accidents on the job site, so organizations must invest in training in order to assist in protecting employees.


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