Roll-Off Options and Upgrades That Prolong the Life of your Containers

The maintenance of roll-off containers is an option that the majority don’t engage in due to the limited resources around them, and the energy and time perceived to make everything happen.  Maintenance saves you money and time, and it prolongs the life of your containers; however, it must be planned and a maintenance partner and program should be in place. white roll-off container


Greasing your Container

Add one grease gun to all trucks in your fleet and have all drivers grease every container on each pull.  It’ll ensure that every container gets the grease needed, whether it’s moved one time a day or one time every 6 months. Greasing hinges, wheels, fittings, nose rollers, and roofs will only take a couple of minutes to save a ton of money not just now, yet down the line. Routine greasing will increase the workability of the parts while also reducing the necessity to invest in replacements.

The main component all containers share is their ground rollers. Cable pull boxes aren’t just fitted with ground rollers, yet also nose rollers. Nose and ground rollers frequently seem to seize up and lead to issues in driveways and streets all across the country. In a few cities steel wheels have been completely outlawed, which leaves rubber or polypropylene wheels as alternative options.   Irrespective of where the boxes are being utilized, ground rollers include one of the utmost areas which require attention.


How to Prevent Rust

One other component of container maintenance is handling rust and there are several preventive steps that may help to deal with it and tame it. While buying roll-offs, use the ones that have a high-quality primer and paint. Epoxy and oil based paints usually bind to the steel much better and usually offer a harder enamel finish along with a higher glossy appearance. Also, boxes may be primed within a zinc primer which will make steel more resistant to outside elements.

As you make a list of all the professionals you should add to your speed dial, do not forget your Waste and Scrap Container manufacturers. Get in touch with Plum Creek Environmental at (662) 327-4183 right away for more details!