3 Paper Recycling Benefits

To many people, recycling is virtually second nature. Throwing plastic packaging, glass jars, and aluminum cans into a bin has become a habit in the office and at home. But paper is recycled more than any additional material, with 68 percent of fiberboard and paper, like cardboard, recycled annually. Doing that, rather than throwing out junk mail and documents into the trash, has some clear benefits. Below are three reasons why you should be recycling paper: recycling plant

Conserve Resources

Paper may be recycled and made into brand-new paper products up to 7 times before it is no longer usable. A ton of recycled paper will preserve as many as seventeen trees, which preserves valuable natural resources and protects our forests. Even though some recycled paper products that may no longer be used in manufacturing are sent over to landfills, some of the paper is burned for energy or used in mulch or compost.

Decrease Energy Use

Recycling paper will save power and water because turning the used paper to new products will require fewer resources than working with brand-new materials. Within some estimates, processing a ton of recycled paper will conserve around 7,000 gallons of water, as well as enough energy to power the average house for 6 months. It’s mostly because the use of recycled materials will eliminate the necessity to process and harvest wood, requiring the use of fossil fuels.

Decrease in Greenhouse Gases

Also, not utilizing as much energy to process recycled paper results in a decrease of dangerous greenhouse gases. Not just will the use of less fossil-fuel derived energy produce less carbon dioxide, it’ll keep paper out of landfills and decrease emissions. When paper breaks down inside a landfill, it’ll create carbon dioxide and methane, and these gases have been connected with climate change.

Also, cutting down fewer trees assists in eliminating those harmful gases and slows climate change. As a matter of fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling 2,000 pounds of paper decreases greenhouse gases by a metric ton.

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