Reasons to Declutter Your Warehouse

If it has been years since you organized or cleaned your warehouse, it may seem cluttered with unused supplies, products, or equipment. Whether you throw out items in the recycling bin or trash bin, organizing and cleaning will maximize your available space, as well as create a safer and more efficient environment for your employees. Below are tips on how to effectively declutter and organize your warehouse: recycling containers

Begin With Recycling

It may be tempting to use a commercial trash dumpster for all the unwanted and outdated items inside your warehouse. But recycling shows clients and associates that you’re an eco-friendly operation. Ask your trash provider for recommendations on items that may be recycled and instead ask for recycling containers. For instance, items like broken wooden pallets may be recycled or donated, and excessive cardboard packaging also can be either recycled or reused.

Separate Garbage

If you can, take out all or the majority of the warehouse contents, which will enable you to separate everything into piles for keeping, recycling and throwing away. In renting a dumpster, it’s possible to place all trash in a container to be emptied and removed by the trash company from which you lease it. Also, separating and removing all items provides you the opportunity to completely clean the surfaces of the warehouse before bringing products and equipment back indoors. As you put the items back inside your warehouse, it’s possible to organize them into sections for a more efficient work space.

Vertically Store Items

It is possible to maximize floor space by vertically stacking and returning the inventory with the use of a pallet racking system. Plastic, metal, or wooden pallets are positioned onto shelves in order to create a stacked storage system which forklifts may access. It may be multiple feet high, and free up precious floor space.

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