When Does It Make Sense to Buy Heavier Duty Roll-Off Containers?

Collecting and hauling waste is not easy. You will need a specialized container to do so in an efficient manner. Heavy-duty roll-off cont  ainers are strong and can best handle a sizeable collection of waste efficiently. truckload blue bailer

Buying a well-designed container is an investment worth making. It would be best to consider some things before choosing a roll-off container for your business.


A heavy-duty latch system with fork stabilizers on each latch will enable you to collect and haul waste without any problem. Ensure that the latch system gets constructed with a steel plate.

Hook Plate 

Ensure that the cable hook gets inserted into the hook plate and welded. The hook plate will allow enough clearance for the cable when you move the container onto the truck hoist.


The best roll-off container has three hinges, which will help support the container. If there are only two hinges, it can lead to weld failures.

Steel Thickness 

The steel thickness is ten-gauge walls, exceeding the industry standards. It ensures the container is durable even when hauling large waste items.

Heavy-duty roll-off containers are the preferred choice for many industries. Demolition crews and construction companies used them daily. Garbage management companies and scrap dealers who need to shift the waste from one place to another also use these containers as they are reliable and robust.

There are different roll-off containers, and you can choose based on your business and the type of waste you wish to haul. The kind of material moved and volume should also get considered when selecting a container.


The standard sizes available are 10 – 40 cubic yards.

  • 10 Yards – The smallest roll-off container can haul 2 – 3 tons of waste. The small size of this container enables you to place them even in tight spaces.
  • 15 Yards – The container size is ideal for hauling bulky items.
  • 20 Yards – The container can haul six truckloads of waste material.
  • 30 Yards – You can opt for this size to move materials weighing more than 3 – 5 tons.
  • 40 Yards – The enormous roll-off containers can haul 5 – 6 tons of material.

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