When Does it Make Sense to Upgrade to A Horizontal Baler?

Balers are essential for any recycling operation. You can classify them as vertical balers and horizontal balers. Horizontal balers tend to process and recycle waste differently from vertical balers.blue horizontal baler

The recyclable material is put into a hopper until it is full. A ram will then compress the material until the bale is complete. The bale then gets tied and ejected from the baler.

Each of the balers varies in its application, and depending on your business; you can upgrade to a horizontal baler. Here are some of the reasons why you need to do so.

Volume of Material

If the recyclable waste volume is high, you can choose to upgrade to a horizontal baler. You can process a higher number of bales each day. Apart from this, you can also produce more giant bales.

The total number of bales you produce each day is a crucial factor you need to consider when choosing the baler. If you want a higher volume, you can opt for horizontal balers.

Wider Applications

A horizontal baler can process different types of materials. You can process office paper, newsprint, radiators, and painted aluminum siding materials. If you have a large operation where you need to process different materials, you can choose a horizontal baler.


Consistent Weight and Density

The bales produced by horizontal balers are consistent. Each bale will be identical in weight and density. It makes them easier to store in warehouses.


Convenience and Less Labor

You can use horizontal balers with above-ground and in-ground conveyor belts, shredders, and air systems. Such applications make them convenient to use, and you will need less labor and workforce to operate them.

One of the benefits of using a horizontal baler is automating your operations. You don’t require anyone to operate the baler. Loading can also get automated using a conveyor belt. It improves efficiency and speed of operations. You can transport the bale loads using forklifts.

Before you choose any baler, you need to look at the scale of your operations and the type of recyclable material you will process. With the right choice, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs.