3 Tips for Managing and Reducing Commercial Property Waste

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All commercial businesses, from property management and the food service industry to hospitals and corporate offices, produce some level of waste. Within today’s modern-day business world, sustainability is critical. Therefore, it has become important to give consideration to the reduction and management of waste on commercial properties.

An increasing number of commercial businesses, in an effort to “go green”  are implementing waste management and reduction tactics all throughout every level of the business and across properties. There are several waste management benefits. Consideration of such factors will conserve resources, save money, as well as create a more sustainable environment in the workplace.

There are various methods of implementing tactics of waste reduction in commercial settings. The following includes three tips for managing  and reducing waste on commercial property:


Implement a Waste Management Team

Step one in commercial property waste reduction includes starting a task force or waste management team if one isn’t already in existence. This waste management task force must set long and short-term waste management and reduction goals, in addition to implementing a company waste tracking system. It is vital to design a team of diverse people from all levels in the company in order for the established goals to be attainable company-wide.


Assess and Track All Waste

Are large-scale roll-off containers being filled up with waste and then hauled away every week or does your property only take up a couple of industrial dumpsters per week? Irrespective of the waste removal level occurring at your commercial property, tracking should be a necessary aspect of waste management.


Address the Budget

How high are removal expenses and is it possible for them to be decreased? Maybe you are spending a ton of money on removing paper waste when a recycling program might easily and cheaply be implemented. Encourage management to give consideration to recycling programs and alternative removal services that reduce expenses.

Waste reduction on commercial properties will enable more breathing room within your budget.  Implementing waste management services is going to benefit your commercial property and possibly reduce the bottom line.

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