Tips on How to Choose the Proper Waste Container

container designsThe first thing to do before you rent or buy a waste container includes determining what size you will need. One mistake businesses make is ordering the incorrect size. Why invest in a 20-yd. dumpster if it is too big for your purposes? Paying a lot of money for dumpsters that are only filled up halfway doesn’t make any sense.

The majority of waste container businesses provide a number of options:

A 10-yard waste container is great for minor remodeling jobs or mid-sized cleanouts like a deck less than 300 sq ft or a roof removal that is under 1,500 sq ft. They’ll hold ten cubic yards of debris, translating into roughly three pick-up trucks of waste.

A 20-yard waste container is great for mid-sized remodeling jobs or for major cleanouts like removal of carpet for a residential property, shingle roof removal of more than 1,500 sq ft, or the removal of a deck of more than 300 sq ft. They’ll hold twenty cubic yards of debris, translating into roughly six pick-up trucks of waste.

A 30-yard waste container is usually utilized more for commercial reasons or for new construction or for major home additions. They’ll carry thirty cubic yds. of debris, translating into roughly nine pick-up trucks of waste.

A 40-yard waste container is also typically more for industrial or commercial purposes, but if you’re doing a full siding or window replacement, this may be just the right size for you. They’ll carry forty cubic yds. of debris, translating into roughly twelve pick-up trucks of waste.


What Are You Throwing Away?

One other consideration is the kind of waste you’ll be producing. A lot of waste container businesses do not permit a mix of materials. Gravel and fill more than likely can’t be mixed with other types of materials, for example. Plus, depending upon what you’ll be throwing out, weight may be a factor. Heavier stuff is going to cost more to dump. The ideal method of determining your expense is to consult with a waste container company as to the precise nature of materials you’ll be disposing of.

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