What Cannot Go in a Construction Dumpster?

purple dumpsterSo, what can’t go into a dumpster? Check out the list below:


A lot of paints contain mercury or lead, so landfills do not want them. But so long as the cans are empty or the paint is dry, you can throw them inside the dumpster.

Resins and Inks

Such liquids may stain or damage the container itself. Due to this, the majority of dumpster rental businesses will not allow you to place them in the container.


Throwing adhesives inside a dumpster may cause other types of items to become stuck to the sides or bottom of the container. Keep them out of the trash pile.


Any construction materials containing asbestos cannot go to the landfill. You will need to instead hire an asbestos expert to remove asbestos and safely toss it out.

 Cleaning Fluids

Never toss out cleaning fluids, even household cleaning agents, into the container. If you need to get rid of those types of items, you will have to dump the bottles out first.

Fuels and Oils

Things such as gas, motor oil, or propane tanks cannot wind up in the container. Since those things are very flammable, they’ll create a severe safety risk. It is possible to instead get rid of them at hazardous waste collection centers.

Aerosol Cans

Unless they are empty, aerosol cans may abruptly explode, which may lead to severe injuries to employees or landfill fires. If you need to dispose of them, be certain that they’re fully empty first.

Non-Alkaline Batteries

It is fine to place batteries inside a construction container, but just if they’re alkaline batteries. Any other kind of battery, like computer batteries, rechargeable batteries, or car batteries, must stay out.


The majority of landfills do not accept full tires. Although, if there are a couple of small tire pieces, the dumpster rental business may accept them.

Now that you’re aware of what cannot go into construction dumpsters, you are prepared to rent, choose the proper size for your project, and begin cleaning. Do not hesitate to immediately call our team at Plum Creek Environmental to schedule your container drop-off!