When to Choose an Auger Style Compactor Instead of Traditional Ram Style Compactors?

purple auger compactor

Why should you choose an Auger style compactor instead of a traditional ram style compactor for your recycling needs? Let us compare the differences so that you can make an informed choice. Better Compaction Ratio Compaction ratios get used while comparing compactors. You do need to remember that compaction ratios can fluctuate substantially. Dense materials…

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When Does It Make Sense to Buy Heavier Duty Roll-Off Containers?

truckload blue bailer

Collecting and hauling waste is not easy. You will need a specialized container to do so in an efficient manner. Heavy-duty roll-off cont  ainers are strong and can best handle a sizeable collection of waste efficiently. Buying a well-designed container is an investment worth making. It would be best to consider some things before choosing…

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Choosing Between Bathtub or Rectangle Roll-Off Containers

green roll off bath tub container

The other day a prospective customer entered our office to purchase roll-off dumpsters. And I said to him, what kind of roll-off containers are you looking for, rectangle or tub-style? He stated that he had no idea and wanted to know what the main differences were between the two. Even though rectangle containers are heavier…

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Frequently Asked Questions – Roll-Off Dumpsters

evi sort line

It’s fantastic if you have decided to rent a roll-off dumpster. Renting a dumpster is a simple process. People often have questions that they want answers to before starting this process. Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions. How will you know if you need a roll-off dumpster? There are many jobs for…

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What Is the Difference Between Front Load and Roll Off Dumpsters?

brown commercial dumpster

Commercial dumpsters are available in different sizes, capacities, shapes, and prices. Each one of them gets used for various purposes. Knowing the distinction between the front load and roll-off dumpsters will enable you to choose the right dumpster for your trash removal needs. Knowing about the different types of commercial dumpsters will enable you to…

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Innovations in Commercial Waste Removal – The Last 10 Years

green commercial waste container

Commercial waste removal in the future will get as simple as placing trash into containers that are differently labeled. These containers will be equipped with pneumatic tubes that will deposit the waste directly to the recycling site. Businesses will get charged monthly fees depending on the amount of commercial waste deposited to the designated landfill.…

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Front Load Dumpsters – FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

red front load dumpster

Whether you own a commercial business or want to start one or operate a non-profit organization, you will have to consider waste management services. We often see dumpers outside residential buildings and businesses that help manage waste. The waste that gets collected is then transported by trucks. Dumpsters that get lifted over the truck’s front…

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Overview of Front Load and Rear Load Containers

yellow front loader

When choosing waste containers for your business, you need to consider many factors. Do you need front load or rear load containers? What size of containers will you need? Knowing about front and rear load containers will help you make an informed choice. Front Load Containers Front-load containers are small, but their large capacity can…

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Overview of Roll Off Containers

roll off container

The unique design of the roll off containers enables them to roll on and off vehicles used to haul loads of construction waste and other bulk waste material. The designs include bathtub style and rectangular style. The bathtub design gets further classified as a standard bathtub and heavy-duty bathtub. Which Roll-Off Container Design Do You…

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Why We Stand Behind our Containers?

PLUM 50YD Scrap Series Home

Rapidly rising as a leader in the Solid Waste Industry, PLUM Container is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in the country.  While we’re proud of our success, our unwavering commitment to serving our customers is what we take pride in most. As manufacturers of waste and scrap containers, there’s more than one reason why the…

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