Florida Container Sales

Florida – Recycling and Waste Container Sales

Plum Creek Environmental is known throughout Florida as a top manufacturer of onsite compactors for recycling and waste balers. Through superior customer service, industry expertise, and innovative products, our team is a partner of choice for municipalities and businesses who need to efficiently and quickly process recyclables and solid waste. panama city fl


Roll Off Containers

We offer an industry-leading inventory of roll-off containers, and are prepared to transport them directly to your location. With various containers to choose from, we make it convenient for you to locate the proper waste removal option to support a permanent need or temporary project. Get in touch with our customer service department to arrange the proper services for your event or job.


Front Load Containers

Plum Creek Environmental provides front load containers throughout the state of Florida. Our front load containers for sale range from 2 cubic yds to 8 cubic yds and serve the requirements of small to mid-sized building sites, businesses, mixed-use facilities, large complexes, construction sites, etc.



Do you need specialized equipment to take care of your recycling goals?  We’re proud to offer necessary equipment and containers that maximize your recycling value while streamlining the recycling process. We’ll work with you to help determine which kind of equipment is necessary for your particular recycling job.

Whether your aim includes finding a use for all materials that are generated from your center or your goal is to be 100 percent landfill free, lean on our experienced team to help design the ideal recycling management solution for your business.


Recycling Balers

Retail establishments, distribution centers, warehouses and more benefit from recycling equipment, especially baling equipment that diverts waste streams from landfills and drives down cost savings through recycling. Allow our team to help you create revenue from shrink wrap, cardboard, packaging material, paper, and light aluminum scrap by utilizing a baler. No matter which type of material you are dealing with, our machines will handle it. Keep your logistics, distribution, and warehouse operations clear and free from debris to effectively move your product. REM - Sort Line

We provide full customizable waste and recycling container and equipment solutions in Florida for large companies, small businesses, organizations and even municipalities.

Our process includes working with your organization to figure out how to compliment and/or supplement your existing manufacturing processes; while creating a program which results in little to no out-of-pocket costs for your waste streams.

For more information on our roll off containers, front load containers, recyclers, or recycling balers in Florida contact Plum Creek Environmental at (662) 327-4183.