Georgia Container Sales

Georgia – Recycling and Waste Container Sales

Whether you need a dumpster for large contracting projects in Georgia or for personal use, Plum Creek Environmental has you covered. You can depend on our team for reliable service, quality containers and equipment.

Here at Plum Creek Environmental we have various container sizes that range from a 10 yard container, a 20 yard container, a 30 yard container and a 40 yard container. We’ll assure you to offer the ideal size for your home builders, construction jobs, demolition projects, or merely just a home spring remodeling or clean up. waste containers


Roll Off Containers

Our smaller roll off containers for sale are ideal for household clean-outs and home renovations. Our container units are rugged, sturdy, and ready for general debris cleanup and may be filled with all kinds of carpet, furniture, chairs, tables, clothes, boxes, attic and garage debris, and appliances.

Our larger roll-off containers are ideal for commercial construction and large projects. Plum Creek Environmental is a brand that has a reputation for reliable service and high quality equipment. Simply order as many units as needed then concentrate on what actually matters.


Sizes Available:

  • 20 Yd Roll-Off Container
  • 30 Yd Roll-Off Container
  • 40 Yd Roll-Off Container

With our containers, you can safely and easily dispose of debris or items from residences, work sites, and more. We deliver roll-off containers to any location within the Georgia area to make handling your construction materials or trash easy.

Whether you’re renovating an office complex or a builder working on a new home, you can depend on our durable rolloff containers.


Front Load Containers

Our front load containers are made using heavy gauge steel that can stand up to the stress of continuous use, year in and out. They feature 10-gauge bottoms and 12-gauge sides, fully welded in-seams and high density polyethylene lids. We also provide heavy duty units featuring 7-gauge bottoms and 10-gauge sides.  Containers are primed outside and inside to decrease corrosion. Our containers meet dimensional standards and ANSI safety specifications for haulers.



Recycling is a morally responsible choice that’s easy to organize if you own a recycling bin. If you recycle items like cans and bottles, you may even be able to offset your expenses by exchanging your waste output for cash at the recycling center in your area. Recycling is a convenient way to decrease your garbage output while meeting many local and state requirements. atlanta-city-map


Recycling Balers

Our recycling balers for sale are the finest within the industry. If you need a recycling baler in Georgia, call our team at Plum Creek Environmental. We utilize the highest strength steel and highest quality materials to ensure years of performance and durability. Balers are a cost effective and easy method of shrinking your waste or recyclable goods into a manageable and efficient size. Balers also are a critical part of any efficient  green or recycling initiative.

For more information on our roll off containers, front load containers, recyclers, or recycling balers for sale in Georgia contact Plum Creek Environmental at (662) 327-4183.