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baton rouge google mapThe front-load containers are rectangular bins that are placed in alleys or enclosures. Besides collecting cardboard, or mixed waste, for recycling, these containers are also used to collect organic waste. Employees regularly bring out garbage and dispose of it in a front-load container.

Their sizes and frequency of service depend on a variety of factors such as the amount of space available in the building, the number of employees, the type of waste stream being generated, as well as if the hauler has other stops nearby.

A front-load container is usually emptied into a truck on a set day by a collection truck with forks that lift the bins. Once the containers are emptied, they are laid on the ground, and then the truck moves on to the next site.

A front-load container typically has a size between 2 and 8 yards and has a lid or wheels. When a business generates a large volume of waste (such as manufacturing companies), they may use a roll-off container in addition to a front-load container.

Recyclable materials or waste materials are accumulated in front-loading containers for collection. It is an essential part of a good waste management system and must be adjusted according to your needs. Different sizes and capacities are available. It is necessary to select a container based on how often it will be collected.

For enterprises and projects of any size, front-load containers offer a permanent, convenient means of waste disposal. By working with Plum Creek, you’ll receive the timely delivery of front load dumpsters that meet your budget and your needs.

Front Load Container Features

Following are the features of Front Load Containers Their service is contractual, permanent, and scheduled

  • The dumper remains onsite for the duration of the service contract (typically three to five years).
  • The primary usage is for business waste / commercial waste
  • They are best for solid waste management
  • They are typically found in alleyways, behind buildings, etc.
  • Their volume range is between 1 cubic yard and eight cubic yards
  • Each design has a different footprint, but the average is 5 x 4 feet
  • Compact size with wheels underneath
  • Lifted and accessed by truck without obstructions
  • Replaced after being lifted and emptied onsite

Flat Top Front Load Container

front load container baton rouge

Containers with front load flat tops are designed for commercial use and include steel lids as standard. A front-load flat-top container can be size 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 cubic yards.

It provides increased protection against unwanted animals, vandals, and information theft when used with our optional lock bar. Containers with front-loading flat tops are used in a variety of commercial settings – most commonly in parks, apartments, and other locations where easy scrap and recycling disposal is crucial.

A flat top is a convenient and easy-to-use option with a variety of options that can be tailored to specific needs. In addition to the cardboard recycling slot and sliding door, the Flat Top offers a variety of application options.

Slant front-loading containers

The Slant Top Front Load container is designed for durability, and is most commonly used in waste and recycling disposal. Apartments, retail outlets, restaurants, commercial buildings, schools, or recycling facilities utilize the slant top front load containers. Material can be disposed of more easily due to the sloped top and lower front.

A variety of options are available for Plum Creek Slant Top Front Loaders. All containers are painted with a double-coat of paint after being primed with non-lift primer. They are ideal for recycling residual material, paper, glass, plastic and metal, and mixed rubbish.

How front load containers help

plumcreeket location mapThe first benefit of front-load containers is their small footprint, taking up less space on your property than a rear load container with the same capacity; for example, a six-yard front-load container is about five feet long, while a six-yard rear load container is almost ten feet long!

Thus, we can fit a front-load container with a larger capacity in the same space as a rear-load container with a smaller capacity. A front-load container can fit in a space that would not be able to accommodate a read load container!

The larger capacity containers mean fewer trips to the waste processing facility, which can translate into significant savings for many businesses and organizations.

In addition to requiring fewer trips to the waste facility, front-load containers of the same size are also easier to empty. For example, a front-load container can be emptied in under 30 seconds, while a small rear load container will take almost 8X longer.

It will take about 3-5 minutes for a large rear load container to be emptied. There is a big difference between having a diesel truck idling outside your building for several minutes instead of less than one minute, which means fewer diesel fumes wafting into your building.

By reducing idling time, fuel consumption is also reduced. Therefore, fewer trips are made, fuel is consumed less, and space and carbon footprint are smaller.

About Our Front Load container service

Whether you need front-load trash containers for a construction project or a commercial purpose, Plum Creek can help. We can provide businesses across Baton Rouge with front-load garbage containers and other waste management solutions through our extensive network of vendors and decades of experience.

For a reliable waste management solution in Baton Rouge, count on us for a dumpster rental. Whether you live in Southern Heights or Southdowns, our knowledgeable team can take care of your waste removal needs affordably and efficiently.

For help finding the right front load container, call us today. We offer waste, garbage, trash, and recycling services for any commercial business. Our containers come in many sizes and prices, including bins, cans, receptacles, and totters.

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