With Plum Creek, Pick an Ideal Rear Load Container For Any Industrial Purpose!

baton rouge google mapRear load containers are best suited for use in confined spaces like city streets and alleyways. Strong steel trunnion bars and heavy gauge steel are used to construct these rugged containers so they can handle heavy, dense loads for years to come.

The rear-load containers are all tapered for better stability, making storage and shipping more economical. Plum Creek ships rear-load containers across Baton Rouge from multiple manufacturing and shipping facilities.

When you think of dumpsters, the image of a rear-load container probably comes to mind. The waste disposal units are usually covered with plastic to ensure that waste stays contained and big enough to accommodate waste generated by a residential community or small business. Their sizes range between 1.5 and 8 cubic yards.

It is easy to empty Plum Creek’s rear load containers. Garbage trucks extend poles that connect to the back of the rear-load container when the container needs to be emptied. In the next step, the truck uses a winch to lift the container and tilt it so the waste can come out of the container.

Businesses and construction sites often prefer the rear loading of containers. Dumpsters can be filled up at their own pace, and they are picked up regularly for emptying. A rear loader is more appropriate for picking up a commercial dumpster.

Features Of Rear Load Container

Following are some fantastic features of rear load containers:

  • Designed to exceed industry standards with sturdy steel construction
  • There are usually available in two types of styles: slope and standard
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1 to 8 cubic yards; other sizes are available upon request
  • Trunnion bar of 1.5″ diameter
  • A primer inhibiting rust on the inside and outside; it can be painted any color you want
  • Available in both Options Heavy-duty floor upgrade or Heavy duty wall upgrade.
  • Constructed from heavy-gauge steel of the highest quality
  • The corners are wrapped for added strength — No butt welds!
  • Nest stacking is uniform and tapered – reducing shipping costs!
  • Polyethylene Lids UV Stabilized for Heavy Duty Use
  • Assembly for swing-away lids
  • Rubbing rail – Designed to protect and strengthen the container when dumping to ensure a longer life span
  • With a plug for the drain
  • Compliant with ANSI
  • The exterior and interior are entirely powder coated

How Rear Load Containers Can Help

Rear Load Containers BlackIt doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an experienced waste management professional; rear-load garbage trucks play an essential role in any fleet. Garbage trucks with rear loaders, probably the most iconic design, have been on the job for over a century.

Even though modern trucks, such as those available from Big Truck Rental, feature high-tech features and highly effective compactors, the general concept is to make loading trucks easy for sanitation workers.

In addition to collecting curbside trash for residents, rear-load garbage trucks are also used to remove small to medium-sized debris after storms or construction sites. Workers can avoid lifting heavy loads over their heads by using low collection bins.

As a result, trash can be picked up from entire neighborhoods quickly and easily. A rear-loader is the best for handloading. In addition to the hydraulic arms, these trucks can also empty small and medium garbage cans into the collection bin.

With rear load containers, you can store many goods, save fuel, and enjoy a pleasant cabin experience. In the trash collection industry, it’s obvious why they are highly regarded.

About Our Rear Load Container Service

plumcreeket location mapIt is common for trash containers to be abused inside and out. Waste containers have to be strong enough to hold any type of waste and durable enough to withstand abuse from the elements.

Plum Creek’s rear loaders are designed to meet these criteria. Rear Loaders are a low-cost, clean alternative to garbage disposal. Rear Loaders are made from heavy gauge steel. One cubic yard and two cubic yard containers are constructed from a single piece of 12 gauge steel, eliminating welds that can rust and leak.

Three to six cubic yard containers have sides made of 12 gauge steel and bottoms made of 10 gauge steel. High-quality casters are included with the one cubic yard and two cubic yard containers.

With various sizes and configurations, we make high-quality, rigid rear and side loading containers. We have the perfect container for any use, residential, commercial, or construction.

Plum Creek manufactures a wide range of rear-load containers for solid waste and recycling collections.

There are rear load containers with capacities ranging from 2 yds to 8 yds that can be used for general trash, recycling, construction demolition, remodeling, landscaping, and scrap metal.

A large variety of rear load hoists can be accommodated by the rear load containers’ trunnion rods, pick-up hooks, and side brackets. Providing added durability and corrosion resistance, we apply exclusive “Bakers Guard ” Protective Coating to the entire interior and exterior of the understructure.

Plum Creek has been providing quality refuse containers to the Baton Rouge area for years. With heavy-duty and durable construction, our containers have proven high quality.

Containers from our company are available in various sizes and can be used for residential, commercial, or public purposes. Plum Creek containers are powder coats entirely painted from the inside out, to protect your investment.

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