Environmental Technologies & Waste Containers

Plum Creek Environmental is proud to be the Industry Leader in Rental Programs for Waste Handling and Recycling Equipment. We offer our customers an affordable way to achieve your Waste Handling and Recycling objectives without making a capital investment. Our Rental Program gives your company the comfort of having one predictable, fixed payment that covers all equipment costs, including normal maintenance, for the life of the agreement. This program is a very simple way to free up your cash flow and allow you to invest in other non-depreciating assets. At Plum Creek Environmental, we are only an Equipment Company with one goal in mind: Provide significant cost savings to our Customers through Waste Handling and Recycling Equipment that Exceeds our Customer’s Expectations. Let us help lower your solid waste disposal costs and improve your company’s bottom line.

Advantages of the PCET Rental Program:

  • No Down Payment Required
  • Tax Deductible Expense
  • Maintenance Covered
  • Installation Costs Included
  • Freight Costs Included
  • No Buyout at End of Contract