Tennessee Container Sales

Tennessee – Recycling and Waste Container Sales

From large-scale commercial developments to small construction projects, we help businesses, contractors, and builders manage and organize their job sites. With containers available in a broad array of sizes, we have your waste and recycling material storage needs covered.nashville tn map


Roll Off Containers

As a choice for Tennessee’s top manufacturer of roll-off containers, our team at Plum Creek Environmental is ready to meet your needs. Rugged and built to last, we’re proud to offer roll-off containers for sale at the best value. Here’s a glance at our offerings and common applications:

40 Yard Container: For cleanups, remodels, and heavy-duty demolition, which includes large-scale residential or commercial projects.

30 Yard Container: For mid-sized commercial or residential jobs, like construction projects, tree trimming or mid-to-heavy demolition.

20 Yard Container: For small jobs like backyard renovations or light demolition.

Compactor: For businesses like recyclers, grocery stores or builders on massive projects.

Mini Container: For smaller jobs, which includes rock base removal or driveway repair


Front Load Containers

We produce several hundred containers in any given month. Doing so allows us to supply an array of customers from municipalities and cities, to large and small haulers, with industry standard front load containers for sale that meet all hauling needs.

Plum Creek Environmental’s front load containers are built to last. We utilize first-grade material and make sure that our standard line of front load containers provide all of the options today’s haulers require. Features such as true bumpers, a full blunderbuss, heavy gauge top rails, full length gussets, and industrial primer in all nooks and crannies means trouble-free, longer container life. Several front load container options are available!

Containers that are 4 cubic yards and smaller are available in a nest-able design that reduces transportation expenses and minimizes required storage space. Also, we provide customized front load containers, specifically designed to meet your specific needs.



Recycling benefits the economy and environment alike. The next time that you recycle a plastic bottle, an aluminum can, a carton or a newspaper, keep in mind how you’re part of the solution.

It conserves energy. Utilizing recycled materials as raw materials in order to make brand-new products saves a substantial bit of energy. Here is how much those materials save, as compared with their virgin counterparts.

  • Recycled aluminum utilizes 95 percent less energy.
  • Recycled plastic utilizes 70 percent less energy.
  • Recycled steel utilizes 60 percent less energy.
  • Recycled glass utilizes 40 percent less energy.
  • Recycled newspaper utilizes 40 percent less energy.

It saves natural resources. Utilizing recycled materials means it’s possible to drill for less oil, mine fewer metals, and log fewer forests. types of front load dumpsters

Utilizing recycled materials within the process of manufacturing saves natural resources, conserves energy, and decreases pollution. We offer an array of recycling containers for sale to help you with all of your recycling needs. Contact our team to order recycling bins in Nashville today.


Recycling Balers

Plum Creek Environmental offers recycling balers for sale in Tennessee. Our cost effective and innovative solutions are designed to meet your recycling and baled waste needs.

For more information on our roll off containers, front load containers, recyclers, or recycling balers in Tennessee contact Plum Creek Environmental at (662) 327-4183.