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Can Processing Equipment

Whether you’re looking to make aluminum can-buying more efficient or a better way to transport dense loads of UBC’s, PLUM Equipment can come up with a solution for you. We offer can buying systems, can crusher/blowers, and balers to efficiently process UBC’s. Let us help you reduce your labor costs and increase your profits!


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Alligator Shears

Plum Creek offers industrial alligator shears designed primarily for the harsh confines of scrap yards. Alligator shears are important for facilities needing to prepare scrap to either add value by “cleaning” the material or to prepare the scrap for further processing. This improves the quality of the processed scrap. Our alligator shears are simple to operate and feature fast cycle times while maintaining a high cutting force for tough scrap material such as: steel, bar, wire, cable, plates, tubes and other mixed metal products. Our shears range from capacities as low as 27 tons of force and a 10” blade length up to 90 tons of force with a 16” blade length. All alligator shears that Plum Creek offers are designed and manufactured in the United States, allowing us to provide the best customer support on the market for warranty, parts and technical assistance.


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Scrap Choppers

Our Scrap Choppers are designed to efficiently chop just about any type of linear scrap material down to pieces just a few inches long. Our choppers can process anything from plastic strapping to heavy duty ACSR cable. Un-chopped scrap is hard to bale and usually ends up being a waste of valuable dumpster space for most companies. Most scrap producers and recyclers agree – chopping scrap at the “point of generation” (POG) is the best possible solution. Some typical applications include:

  • Plastic and Steel Strapping
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated Wire and Cable
  • Baling Wire
  • ACSR Cable
  • Tube and Pipe
  • Bandsaw Blades

Adding components like Vibratory Conveyors, Crossbelt Magnets, and Magnetic Pulley Conveyors, Plum Creek can design and engineer turnkey systems for material like ACSR. All systems are completely customizable and can be expandable down the road. Contact us today to let us help you with your scrap chopping application.

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Wire Separation Systems

Our Wire Separation Systems are effective for clean processing of virtually any kind of wire and cable. They are available in several system footprints to accommodate scrap processors with low or high volumes. These systems can be customized to meet customer specifications, and optional equipment can be integrated to maximize system performance and payback.

All systems that Plum Creek offers are designed and manufactured in the United States and offer unsurpassed technical assistance and after-sale support, unlike many other imported systems. This equipment can manage all types of wire and cable scrap, including: ferrous and non-ferrous wire, ACSR, communication wire, utility cables, power cables, copper wire, electrical multi-strand wire, and more. With the high price of clean recyclable conductive metals, no matter what your output requirements are, our wire and cable recycling equipment has tremendous potential for fast paybacks and outstanding long-term profits!

Full Beverage Destruction Equipment

Plum Creek Environmental offers turnkey solutions that safely and securely destroy your outdated and “Out of Spec” filled beverages. Our systems have the capability to bulk feed Aluminum, PET, and HDPE containers. These turnkey systems take a stubborn problem for many bottlers and turn the product into a clean, recyclable material with absolutely no handling of the destroyed product. Plum Creek has years of experience with Full Beverage Destruction and can help your operation be more efficient.


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