4 Questions to Answer Before Choosing a Baler

When you’re ready to purchase a baler, you’re making a decision that can not only help clean up your back room, but also save you cash on hauling, improve our environment, and add money to your wallet. Before making your baler selection, you should know what to look for and where to look. Baler

It’s important to choose a business with a history of reputable service, quality products, and satisfied customers.  Speak to them about the unique needs of your company.  The last thing you need to do is buy a piece of equipment that isn’t the proper solution for your specific application.

When vetting baler manufacturers, they should be able to answer some basic questions when you call to inquire about their services. Here are four questions we recommend exploring together.


1.What needs to be baled?

Is it a single product or a number of products? Are your products composed of aluminum, cardboard, paper or PET plastic? This initial question helps narrow down a baller that will best suit your needs.


  1. Do you intend to recycle your baled commodity?

Rather than incurring costs for hauling off waste, recycling materials can be a stream of revenue. The right recycling baler can ensure your commodity is processed to support your goals.


  1. How much and how often will your materials be baled?

Consider the volume of product you go through and the speed at which you go through it. This question helps determine the power and size of the baling equipment you’ll need to keep things moving ​efficiently in your back room and meeting your revenue goals, if recycling.


  1. What side bale would you like to produce?

Recyclers often take a variety of bale sizes, however, there can be charges for breaking bales into “mill-sized” configurations, which gives maximum shipping ability.  If this is your goal, we can help you select a baler that produces “mill-sized” bales to assist you in your recycling efforts.

For more information on our balers that can help your business process and reclaim valuable commodities, or even earn lost revenue, contact our professionals at Plum Creek Environmental in West Point, MS. Call (662) 327 – 4183.