Roll-off Dumpster Rental: What is it?

green roll-up dumpsterThe housing market is hot in Mississippi, which drives demand for new homes and remodeling desires for the ones who want to stay put.

All this construction leads to a ton of leftover material such as lu  mber, sheetrock, and just plain garbage. For smaller jobs, you may have the ability to make a trip to a landfill with a load on your truck. However, it does not take a lot before the garbage starts to pile up, and you are spending as much time transporting debris as you are working.

That is the point in which it is time to invest in a roll-off container. Renting a container cuts down on garbage transport, which allows you to place all of your effort into the job. Let us take a look into what you should know about getting a roll-off container to your site.

Standard vs. Roll-off Container

The majority of people are familiar with the huge metal containers sitting behind many businesses. These containers take a wide variety of garbage, almost always come with lids, and are not built for moving around.

Roll-off containers are different in many ways from standard containers, including:

  • Wheels for convenient movement
  • Supposed to be for specific types of waste
  • Many various sizes
  • Rectangular shape
  • Open tops

Specially designed trucks deliver these containers that roll off the truck and onto your site. They are supposed to be temporary instead of a permanent part of a company’s location.

Available Sizes of Roll-off Dumpsters

Container sizes are listed by the quantity of cubic yards they’re able to hold, and Plum Creek Environmental offers a standard set, running from 10 up to 40 cubic yards.

Smaller containers work well for exterior remodeling jobs such as replacing siding or roofs. If you are cleaning out a storage location or a house, you may have to move up in order to accommodate heavy materials and furniture. New builds and bigger renovations call for the largest sizes and probably more than one container at a time.

While 20-cubic-yard, 30-cubic-yard, and 40-cubic-yard containers carry different amounts, all of them come in the exact same 22’ length, making it a lot more convenient to get them into a space. The larger containers are taller in order to hold more trash.