When Does it Make Sense to Upgrade to A Horizontal Baler?

blue horizontal baler

Balers are essential for any recycling operation. You can classify them as vertical balers and horizontal balers. Horizontal balers tend to process and recycle waste differently from vertical balers. The recyclable material is put into a hopper until it is full. A ram will then compress the material until the bale is complete. The bale…

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When to Choose an Auger Style Compactor Instead of Traditional Ram Style Compactors?

purple auger compactor

Why should you choose an Auger style compactor instead of a traditional ram style compactor for your recycling needs? Let us compare the differences so that you can make an informed choice. Better Compaction Ratio Compaction ratios get used while comparing compactors. You do need to remember that compaction ratios can fluctuate substantially. Dense materials…

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