Uses for Roll-off Dumpsters

useful Roll-off DumpstersA lot of small projects around your home produce garbage, some of it like what you may leave out on bulk trash day. However, even smaller projects will leave you with a lot more than is allowed, which makes a roll-off container a great temporary investment. Roll-off containers help to keep things safer and cleaner around a job site or a house because there is one location for all the waste materials.

Roll-offs are best for jobs such as:

  • Construction
  • Storage and home cleanouts
  • Renovations and remodels
  • Landscaping

All weekly trash pickups are done by public companies, but roll-off containers are hired out by a private waste removal company. As such, the rules for what it is possible to place in the container differ from your standard trash or even for regular containers.

The most commonly acceptable waste materials are:

  • Heavy materials – shingles, logs, bricks, dirt, stone, and concrete
  • Construction debris – cabinets, plumbing fixtures, plywood, windows, drywall, wood, and boards
  • Household waste – carpet, furniture, and clothes

Roll-off Container Waste Restrictions

If you have ever taken a load to a landfill, you are familiar with their rules regarding what you can and can’t dump. Some of these same regulations apply to what you cannot place into roll-offs, even though there are some additional ones.

The majority of restrictions on what cannot be placed into the container revolve around cleanliness and safety. Because the containers have open tops, anything and anyone may crawl into them; therefore, nothing ought to go in that may cause harm to animals or people. That includes anything falling into the hazardous materials classification like contaminants and toxins.

Also, nothing is recommended to go in that may cause damage to the container so that it is not safe for other people to use. Liquids that corrode or items that may explode fall into that category.

Other materials on this list have alternative disposal options, such as electronics or tires for recycling. Other ones require specialized handling while disposing of them, such as batteries, asbestos, propane tanks, oils, and appliances that have freon.

Schedule a Roll-off Container Rental

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