Overview of Roll Off Containers

The unique design of the roll off containers enables them to roll on and off vehicles used to haul loads of construction waste and other bulk waste material. The designs include bathtub style and rectangular style. The bathtub design gets further classified as a standard bathtub and heavy-duty bathtub. roll off container

Which Roll-Off Container Design Do You Need?


The bathtub design containers are stackable and smooth-sided. You will not find any outer rail structure on them. Depending on the visibility of the job, the tub containers are ideal for decals and signage.


The rectangle style roll-off container is a popular choice as it can accommodate the most rugged and densest waste materials. The reinforced steel containers are often seen on cargo ships.

Depending on your specific need, you can upgrade the roll-off containers. The different upgrade options include:

  •       Heavy duty wall and floor upgrade.
  •       Decal plates.
  •       Gasketed sealed cover.
  •       Gravel guards.
  •       Front ground rollers.
  •       Roll off covers.
  •       Recycling tops.
  •       Ratchet door lock system.
  •       Side stiffeners.
  •       Special length containers.

Different Sizes of Roll-Off Containers

  •       10 Yards – It is the smallest size of containers. It fits into tight spaces, and you can use them to haul debris from home cleanouts. It can hold 2 – 3 tons of dirt and concrete.
  •       15 Yards – If you want to haul bulky items like lots of concrete, this container size is a good choice. You can use it to dispose of paving stones and old roof shingles. It can hold 2 – 3 tons of concrete waste.
  •       20 Yards – It can hold six pick-up truckloads of material. It often gets used for renovations and cleanouts. It can hold 3 tons of waste.
  •       30 Yards – If you have a long-term job that requires lots of waste removal, you can choose this container. The high-wall container can hold 3.5 – 5 tons.
  •       40 Yards – Property owners and contractors often use this container to haul building waste after demolition. The high-wall feature enables it to hold 5 – 6 tons of material.

Most of the roll off containers available today are more specialized and efficient than ever before. The type of material that gets hauled, the duration of the job and the kind of task will enable you to determine the roll-off container you will need.

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