Overview of Front Load and Rear Load Containers

When choosing waste containers for your business, you need to consider many factors. Do you need front load or rear load containers? What size of containers will you need? Knowing about front and rear load containers will help you make an informed choice. yellow front loader

Front Load Containers

Front-load containers are small, but their large capacity can help haul more waste. The size ranges from 2 – 10 cubic yards, and you can choose according to your specific need. The container’s premium design and innovative features help maximize its value.

Rugged steel construction helps exceed industry standards. The body panels of the container get welded from the inside, making it strong. The protective coating on the interior and exterior makes it rust-resistant.

The front-load containers get used to haul and recycle cans, cardboard, paperboard, plastics, paper, and metal. These containers will fit into spaces that don’t accommodate a rear load container.

Due to this, they are the preferred choice of small businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, condo facilities and much more.

When you choose large capacity front load containers, you can haul more extensive waste. They also take less time to empty. You can achieve significant savings with fewer trips to the waste processing facility.

Rear Load Containers

Rear load containers are an ideal choice if you have space constraints. These containers get designed for use in alleyways, cities and other areas where space is small. The robust steel construction makes them durable.

The rear load containers are a preferred choice for residential and commercial use. The plastic covers on the containers help keep the waste covered and secured at all times. The standard sizes are in the range of 1.5 – 8 cubic yards.

You can make use of the different capacities of the rear load container for applications such as construction, landscaping, demolition, recycling, renovation, and scrap metal.

You can choose from the standard or slope style or the no caster or caster style. The rear load containers come equipped with side brackets, pick-up hooks, and trunnion rods making hauling loads easy.

When you learn and understand the difference between a front load and a rear-end container, you can make a better choice according to your needs.

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