What Is the Difference Between Front Load and Roll Off Dumpsters?

Commercial dumpsters are available in different sizes, capacities, shapes, and prices. Each one of them gets used for various purposes. Knowing the distinction between the front load and roll-off dumpsters will enable you to choose the right dumpster for your trash removal needs. brown commercial dumpster

Knowing about the different types of commercial dumpsters will enable you to choose based on your specific business needs.

Sizes and Shapes

Front Load Dumpster – The front-load dumpster is smaller in size. The measurement of the dumpster gets done in cubic yards. The standard sizes include 2, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards.

The small dumpsters have a polyethylene lid. It gets used for trash disposal. You will find brackets or fork pockets on each side of the truck, which are used for lifting and loading.

The front-load trash pickup has a sealed lid and base. It prevents exposure to rain and snow. It also helps in keeping the trash away from animals.

Roll-Off Dumpster – The roll-off dumpsters are large. The standard sizes include 20 and 30 cubic yards. These dumpsters are long and rectangular in size and have an open lid.

Common Uses and Rental Period

Front Load Dumpster – These dumpsters get used for long-term waste management. They get used outside stores, shopping centers, apartment complexes, hotels, schools, restaurants, and other businesses.

These dumpsters often get placed behind gates or fences to prevent public trash dump. Front-load dumpsters are a popular choice for commercial businesses. These dumpsters get rented for multi-year periods.

Roll-Off Dumpster – The roll-off dumpsters get used for short-term waste disposal. Construction and landscaping businesses use these dumpsters for large scale waste disposal.

Industrial parks use these dumpsters for long-term waste management. Roll-off dumpsters get used with compactors in apartment complexes. These dumpsters get rented for short periods and, in some cases, for the long term.


The price will vary based on the size of the dumpster. The weight and size of the trash and the frequency at which it gets picked for disposal will determine the price.

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