Choosing Between Bathtub or Rectangle Roll-Off Containers

The other day a prospective customer entered our office to purchase roll-off dumpsters. And I said to him, what kind of roll-off containers are you looking for, rectangle or tub-style? He stated that he had no idea and wanted to know what the main differences were between the two. Even though rectangle containers are heavier duty, have a stronger design, and are easier to repair, bathtub-style roll-off containers may actually be better than rectangle containers. In this blog post, we explain why. green roll off bath tub container


Here are the three main reasons a bathtub-style roll-off container might be better over a rectangle one:


  1. It is possible to ship more bathtub-style containers on one truckload, which saves you a lot of money on freight from the manufacturing center. For instance, it is possible to “nest” or stack the (5) 40YD bathtub-style roll-off containers inside of one another once you remove their rear doors from the hinges so they fit on a 53-foot step deck trailer. Due to the square shape of the rectangles, it’s not possible to stack them inside of one another. It is only possible to get two 40YD rectangular roll-offs on a single load.


  1. Dumping a bathtub-style roll-off is much easier than rectangle roll-off containers. The floor on a bathtub-style container is actually tapered, which allows gravity to assist in the material that is falling toward the middle of the container. It’ll make dumping easier than the rectangle container, as the material becomes lodged in the corners and sides.


  1. Bathtub-Style roll-offs need less steel to construct, so they cost less to purchase. Bathtub-style roll-offs do not have the ribs on their sides or vertical uprights every 18-inches to 24-inches that rectangle containers usually have for support. The extra steel needed for structural support might amount to a couple of hundred dollars more than bathtub-style roll-offs.

Despite bathtub-style containers having those benefits over rectangle roll-off containers, your choice ought to be based upon their application. Occasionally the heavier rectangle roll-off containers are necessary for steel and concrete applications.

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