When to Choose an Auger Style Compactor Instead of Traditional Ram Style Compactors?

Why should you choose an Auger style compactor instead of a traditional ram style compactor for your recycling needs? Let us compare the differences so that you can make an informed choice. purple auger compactor

Better Compaction Ratio

Compaction ratios get used while comparing compactors. You do need to remember that compaction ratios can fluctuate substantially. Dense materials like telephone books and lumber won’t compact well compared to cardboard and shredded paper. Due to this, the compaction ratio will be low irrespective of the compactor used.

A combination of material and machine will determine the exact compaction ratio. Auger style compactors tend to pre-crush the materials, which Ram style compactors don’t. It changes the shape and size of the waste material. When the material gets crushed before entering the bin, it will result in a higher compaction ratio.

All Electric Design

The Auger style compactors have an all-electric design. The unique design helps in eliminating all hydraulic oils. You no longer worry about maintenance, leaks, and line breaks.

Cycle Time

The Auger compactor always moves forward, and the cycle time is only 8.5 seconds. The Ram compactors need to go forward and back, increasing the cycle time to 50 seconds.

Efficient Operation

The waste material gets fed into the Auger compactor faster than the Ram compactor as there is no cycle time. The operator doesn’t have to wait for the Auger to cycle and refill the charge box, which reduces labor time.


Full Container

The Ram compactor doesn’t change the shape and size of the material before it gets inserted into the bin. Due to this, the container isn’t filled optimally, and there is a lot of free space. Auger crushes the material during processing, and this means the bins get filled.

No Contaminants

The attached bins of Auger compactors are 100% sealed. You don’t have to worry about spillage and contaminants. Even when the container gets separated, little waste falls out.

Auger is the best compactor for handling all waste recycling. You can compact large volumes of waste material efficiently. Reduce transportation costs and increase payloads when using the eco-friendly Auger compactor.